- Client Testimonials -

Finding the right place for my mother to move to was a daunting task. I knew absolutely nothing about assisted living facilities. I was very fortunate to get a list of four people to call. I called and left voice mails for all four people on his list. Kim was the first person to get back with me and I felt very comfortable with our rapport on the phone. Once we were together for appointments, it was obvious that she was the right choice. Kim's knowledge and professionalism were an invaluable resource for me. We had a very short time schedule for getting my mother moved and I don’t think I could have done it with confidence without Kim's help. I cannot thank her enough.

Kim was very helpful to find placement for my wife.  I did not even know how to start with I got the notice that she needed assisted living memory care. Kim quickly jumped in and setup a tour for 5 places. Just like a Realtor would. We did the tour together all in one day. We talked about each place. We knew what I needed to look for and pointed out the features of each place.  The places also knew her and each place was happy to show me around and tell me how they would care for her needs.  Kim left me with my decision to make.  I am very grateful I had Kim to help me with this process and I would immediately advise anyone to use Kim's help for this placement.

We were in a real pinch...we had to find a place for my mother in law fast. Kim was wonderful. She was able to find a terrific place which would accommodate my mother in law's needs and helped insure a smooth transition. We could not have done it without her.  

“With the help of care manager Kimberly Landon, Patricia’s family began to look for the right home for their mother.  “After touring several assisted living options, we selected a 15-resident home for the social environment and the intimacy of a smaller community,” said Karen of their decision in selecting their mother’s new home.”

"Placing your loved one in an assisted living facility can be both stressful and upsetting for everyone in the family. You need an Advocate on your side. We were so blessed to have found Kim. Kim’s kindness, compassion & support were wonderful and just what we needed. She was very professional and gave us the information we needed. She was with us every step of the way. Kim was more than wonderful in helping us place “mom” in the perfect place. If you ever find yourself in this position, I would highly recommend Kim Landon, a true blessing to our family and she could be to your family as well."​

"Kim was a god-send when we suddenly learned that we needed to find an assisted living home for Mom.  Having fallen while living alone, the doctor announced that she could not be released from rehab back to her former home. Kim scrambled, found us a wonderful location, negotiated on our behalf and even visited Mom at rehab to help with the transition.  I am so grateful for her knowledge, compassion and experience at a difficult point in our family's life."

"May 18, 2013 – Dear Kim:  I just wanted to thank you for your seminars on elder care.  It is amazing the way you share your knowledge and advice on a matter that is important for everyone to consider.  Grace Fellowship Church is blessed to have someone so helpful in its midst. –

Thank you, Sharon

Kim – I just wanted to thank you for all of the time and effort you put into helping us place my mother –in-law in a local assisted living facility.  I have never dealt with anyone as efficient, friendly, and helpful as you.  You always promptly returned our calls as well as keeping us informed.  You know how to keep a client happy and that’s the most important thing.  Thanks again, Kevin and Susan G.

Kim was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, saving us countless hours of leg work and sleepless nights. We are very grateful for her service! – Carol H.

Kim:  More times than I can count, a prayer of mine has found its answer in your helping hand, your excellent advice and your listening ear.  I just wanted to tell you how much that means to me.  Always, Lynn B.

Kim – Since July 2012, you have been working with our family to tour and visit with numerous assisted living facilities in the area on behalf of our father.  You have been an invaluable resource for our family and we are thankful for your service.

We also want to thank you for visiting with our father.  We appreciate all that you do and will continue to keep in touch.  Should we learn of others that need assisted living arrangements for their loved one, we will be sure to pass your name along to them.

Thanks again for your commitment to our family. – The Holthaus Family

"My husband and i knew that his mother of 93 years could not be alone any longer in her house.  She did so well without her husband who had passed 14 years earlier, but we could see the signs.  Loose medications placed throughout the house; eating sporadically and becoming dependent on us for meals, and other things.  Yes, she did get Meals on Wheels finally, but somehow they ended up in the freezer.  We knew it was time for her to be with other people, for her to feel and be safer than she was.
I took off 5 days and just started searching on-line for an assisted living facility place.  Like most senior adults, she had very limited income which did not help matters.  Also, I had very limited time, for I was also now going to help my mother-in-law on a daily basis with ADL's. So I started with the "A's" and the first place I called was not in her income bracket; I knew this was going to be the "norm" and I dreaded hitting my head against the wall with each phone call.  Out of desperation I asked was there anyone they could recommend to help me with this process?
Kim Landon had to be sent by angel looking over us!  It was unbelievable.  After a few questions she told us exactly what to do, step-by-step; had a meeting set up with us, to tour a facility she had in mind, and all this in the first telephone conversation....  Everything seemed to fall in place and in less than 4 weeks, my Mother-in-law was settled in her new home.  She is adjusting quite well.
I would recommend Miss Landon to anyone that, like us, does not know where to start.  This could have been a long, horrific process, but instead, we had good, sound direction, and made our lives so much easier.  She was no short of a miracle that happened in real life for us.